The benefit of warmth

A massage with warm basalt stones has a deliciously relaxing working.
The warmth penetrates deep into muscles and radiates out. Fatigue and tension just fade away. A hot stone massage is recommended for muscle,
back, neck and head pain, poor circulation, stress and fatigue,
but also just for relaxation.

The basalt stones have an earth working. This helps to remove tension and gives you the sense of peace and security, the feeling to stand with both feet firmly on the ground and replenish your capacity for turning inspiration into matter.

Before the massage a delicious warm oil is applied to the body. The heated stones are then laid upon the body. This preparatory warmth in the muscles ensures a larger impact of the massage afterwards. After laying the stones
you are massaged with the stones and the hands. Receiving a hot stone massage will put you on cloud nine.

€ 45 per hour